Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is the orchard rack that I blogged about HERE.  As you can see, it's all in pieces in a box.  It looked fairly intimidating when I first opened it until I realized it was already mostly assembled. 

It went together very easily...it's just a matter of installing the sides via cross bars across the top and bottom, and then front and back.  After that, you just slide the drawers in place.  It couldn't have been easier.  I'm considering adding wheels to the bottom to make it easier to moved around, especially when it's full, so that might be a later modification.

And here it is in it's new home.  We were originally going to have it next to the other shelving.  But because it's the same type/color wood as the shelves, it looked strange, almost like an unfinished set of shorter shelves.  So we traded places with it and the water cooler and we think it looks much better this way.

Here it is with drawers pulled open a bit so you can get the idea of how it works.  This is a place to store onions, potatoes, apples, squash, and any number of other fruits and veggies that need to be stored in a cool, dry place.  It allows for air to circulate around the produce so that it lasts longer.  We hope to put it to good use by this time next year, that's for sure.  Click on the link above to my original blog entry all about it.  You can see pictures of them with produce in them.  They come in three sizes, 3 drawer, 6 drawer and 9 drawer...this one of course is the 9 drawer.  I figured why not plan ahead and plan big!


  1. Boy could I use something like that! When I had a basement in NJ that would have been ideal...no place for it here in NC :o( I can't even dream up a place for it here...quiet, I'm thinking..

  2. Ginny - It's one of those things that when you see it it's like "wow, that's cool I could use that!" That's what we thought. When we were planning out our mudroom design and measuring for the shelves, I said "I want to make room for that orchard rack we saw". If we had already done that part, it might have to be one of those things we wouldn't have room for but really wanted.

  3. It looks great! I can't wait to see it all filled up with your fruitful harvests!!! Now I'm thinking...where I could put something like that?...

  4. Oh no, no, no.... That is the perfect rack for cakes, cookies and pies to cool on. :)

  5. Bee Girl - Yes, hoping this time next year I have lots of pictures of the rack full of stuff....but....

    Kelly - ...I like that idea too! Wow, never thought of that. Oh, don't tell 2nd Man or this time next year I'll NEVER get my orchard rack back!!


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