Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Texas Drought Continues
Just saw on the news, CLICK HERE TO READ, that experts say the drought we have been experiencing is going to last into next year as well.  We are already behind almost 30" in rainfall for the year.  Many small ponds and lakes have dried up, and other, larger ones are now extremely low.

There is a natural pond site on our property...about 2 years ago, I walked over to it and it was full of it's dry and empty and just looks like a low spot in the ground.

I'm not sure how this will impact our gardening, not to mention the fruit trees that I bought that are still waiting to be planted.  Sometimes I wonder if we bought at the right time?  We want to make a beautiful yard with productive gardens and flowers and peaceful places to relax...but that's going to be hard with limited water resources.

Now granted, we are on well water at the farm but there isn't really any way to know how in danger that is of running low/out.  It does come from an aquifer that everyone in the area is tapped into and using.
We sure don't want to be the neighbor on the road that uses too much water.
"There they go again, watering their grass!"  Honestly, as pretty as I think green grass is, I don't mind if it doesn't stay that green, heck it's less to mow.  I do however just want to get our self sufficiency going and keep our veggies and fruit trees and herbs growing so that we can actualy USE and ENJOY them.

We can always hope the "experts" are wrong, and hope we have a wet Winter and Spring.  At least if it rains then, it will refill the aquifers a little and we won't have to worry as much.  Of course, a good tropical storm or two next Summer would be nice as well.

No hurricanes though, been there, done that, don't want to do it again.


  1. That's kind of scary..especially when you think of how much affect it can have with food supply also.

  2. Ginny - Isn't it though? It not only affects us personally but since it's so widespread, it's affecting all farms, and ranches and thus affects veggies, fruit, eggs, milk, beef, pork and a whole lot of other things we consume.


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