Saturday, November 19, 2011


Coat Hooks from Hobby Lobby
After blogging about the metal sign letters that I found, I went back to Hobby Lobby last night to get something unrelated to the farm and I found these!

They are coat hooks (or whatever you want to hang on them), with the same single letter design as the signs we got the other day.

Yes, those are the initials of our first names.  I figured we could mount these either near the front door in the entryway, or near the back door in the mudroom.  That way, we will each have our own hook for our coats, hats, keys or whatever we want to hang on them.


  1. I like those. Except I am going to go get some and spell out...M..I..N..E...hahaha

  2. Another neat item going into your home :o)

  3. I thought of you when I was at Hobby Lobby the other night. <3


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