Sunday, November 6, 2011


Donald Duck Victory Garden Sign
Here is a really cool thing I hadn't seen before.  Disney got into the Victory Garden movement and licensed it's characters for use.

This one was a sign, not sure if they were sold or given away, but it's a cute sign showing Donald Duck that you put in your garden, urging "Pests...Keep Out".

It's nice to see this kind of involvement in the gardening movement.  Would love to see Disney get involved again and get kids interested in gardening.



Robin said...

That's a great sign! Boy, would I love to have one of those!

It would be wonderful if Disney and many other companies would get involved in the home garden movement.

1st Man said...

Robin - Isn't that cool? I'm not sure why no one has approached Disney to do something like this in a modern version. I'd love to find one of those old signs like this as well. I always liked Donald Duck! Ha.