Saturday, November 19, 2011


We sat on the porch for awhile today after we got our stuff done, for the day anyway, inside and the picture above was when we first sat down on the porch to relax and then the picture below was after about 45 minutes, heavier, darker clouds were moving in.  We decided to head on back into the city.

That's one thing we can't wait to do, spend a rainy afternoon out there, listening to the rain come down on the roof of the porch.  We can't quite do that just yet with no furniture to sit on, or beds to nap on, or fridges to get a drink out of, but that's all coming soon!

We're hoping by the end of the year to at least have those items.  We've got the appliances on layaway, almost paid off, so we just need two mattress sets, and a couple of sofa's for the living room.  Everything else can wait until later or come as we find it.


Tonya said...

what a view!I love your party tree

1st Man said...

Tonya - Thanks, it's a nice view from the porch and that's not even THE party tree, lol. That's a younger version of the actual party tree. Not sure what I'm going to do around that. The previous owner had cactus (!) growing under it, I chopped out as much of that as I could (though some is coming back) and I hope to put something that grows well under a tree.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

That's a beautiful large tree, make sure your not under it in a storm! I don't know if you city folks :o) are aware that lightening loves to strike under it.
The porch seems to hold a fascination for us too :o)