Sunday, November 20, 2011


Vintage bird cage in corner
Here is another thing grabbed from storage.  It's an old cast iron birdcage that we found once upon a time.  We won't have birds, ha ha, we just think this looks really neat.  It fits in the corner of the living room just perfectly.  Not sure if that will be it's final home, but for now, it is one more step toward making things look more like a "home" inside.

Vintage bird cage closeup
Here is a close up of the cage.  It's done in a wonderful original paint color of red and black.  The feeder and waterer on the sides are actually ceramic that look like they may have been painted gold once upon a time.  Not sure if that's original or something done somewhere along the way.  The only thing "new" on here is the spring at the top.  We replaced it because the old one was worn out and tied with a string.  To me, it's very "Art Deco" so it could very well be from that era.  Again, no birds, just a nice conversation piece.


  1. Beautiful! It's nice to see the start of the "fun" stuff. I'm excited for you guys-looks like the place is really moving along quickly.

  2. Tonya - Ha, bird cage envy? Is there such a thing? Well yeah, hmm, now that I think about it...I quite often have raised garden envy, and basement envy, and landscaping envy and fruit tree envy, and bee envy and, well, the list goes on, ha. Yeah, I see your point.

    Sue - Yes, slowly but surely. We got plenty of little things, and a few bigger pieces but no big furniture like couches and coffee tables and such so we'll be scouting various places for stuff like that. It's a process but this is the fun part. Creating a home from starting with nothing is always fun.

  3. Just found one like this in my attic

    1. Cool! They are pretty aren't they? Even without birds, ha.


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