Friday, September 1, 2023


So I'm in my 'lunchtime' grocery store looking at plants (as I always do) and the garden center guy that gave me the deal on the banana plants a few weeks back, recognized me and asked how they were doing.  I said they were at the farm, not in the ground yet because of this heat, but doing great.

He goes "Well, we just got in a few bushes you might be interested in...we rarely get these and when we do, they are gone quickly. We get so few, I thought you might want to see them before they sell out."

Goji berry bushes
In fact, they only got ten.  I looked at them on the rack he was about to put out and...

...they were Goji Berry bushes!  We know what Goji berries are, they are supposed to be very healthy and good for you.  I read the tag and they are drought tolerant once established (win) and freeze hardy down to MINUS 20 (win win).

He said "I can't give you a deal on them like the bananas but you do get first pick before they sell out!"

Goji bush in car
And just like that, it was in my car at lunch and a few days later...

Goji bush at the farm was at the farm!

We're waiting for cooler weather for planting.  We leave these finds on the porch so they aren't in full sun during the week and in this heat, the once a week watering keeps them going.

Image courtesy of Wikicommons

It should be fun to have a Goji berry bush. They have thorns (why? why thorns? we have enough thorns out there, ha) but we'll see how it does.  It will certainly make a pretty plant when growing.  Maybe someday we can sell berries, they ARE pricey ingredients, ha!

Some people "have a butcher" at the grocery store, apparently, I have a "garden guy", LOL!


  1. That would be great planted in with your fruit orchard. They do get a rather long tap root.
    Found this link for you.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Once again; Right place at the Right Time. What a great way to make new friends

  2. It's good to have friends in the right places

  3. interesting. i really know nothing about them.

  4. Good for you. A garden guy! It is almost as good as a pool boy!

  5. I have had a few stores where I get deals or am shown new merchandise. It is a good person to know.

  6. Scoot to end of this article - the very gizmo you need to pick berries without scratches!

  7. Wow! They look pretty, will withstand in drought, and survive freezing temps - a great find. And now you have a Garden Guy!

  8. My neighbor has a three year old Goji Berry bush and it is thriving! We live in Lincoln Nebraska and it has survived some very cold winters. I helped her pick berries last summer and don't remember thorns! Maybe this year I will ask for a few to taste as it is loaded with berries. Good luck!


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