Thursday, September 7, 2023


 A few years ago, 2nd Man was looking around in the pantry and fridge for dinner.


Some fresh lemons.



That all sounds like a meal...

He zests one lemon, minces up some parsley, squeezes lemon juice from half and cubes up some butter.  It's really all to taste. 

Boil the pasta (any shape) and drain it (saving 1/4 cup of the pasta water).

While it is still hot, just toss in the butter, lemon juice and zest and a bit of the pasta water the thickness you desire and stir until melted.  Finally, toss in the fresh minced parsley and stir again.

We like this on a night when we want something that's not heavy, like a cream sauce or rich tomato sauce.  It's almost refreshing in a way.  Sometimes, he'll put in some minced garlic sautéed with some chicken or, our favorite addition, shrimp.

We're sure there is some Italian dish for this same thing with a fancy name but we call it lemon butter pasta and we love it.  It's now one of of my favorite dishes.


  1. It's probably called the same only with an Italian accent! Looks delish!

  2. Pasta and chicken with anything is my favorite.

  3. Looks delish! Pesto pasta is a favorite in our house.

  4. Sounds good. I have loads of vanilla beans in vodka sitting in my closet. I'll be giving away a lot of vanilla extract to friends before Christmas. I'm so glad I learned to make it from you.


  5. Looks Wonderful.
    Had severe thunderstorms last night and finally received some rain.
    Have a great and enjoyable weekend.

    1. Once our power came back on and got daylight, I went out to check our rain gauge of which we received 1 inch of rain. Woo Hoo. Did have some things that blew over and was scattered out in the yard and hubby up on the roof to replace a few shingles. All and all everything faired pretty well and everything got a nice watering.
      That 1 inch is a good start in filling our water tanks up once again.
      Have a great weekend.


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