Tuesday, September 5, 2023


A former coworker reached out and asked me if I wanted a fertilizer spreader as they got a different one.

Um, yeah!

We took it to the farm and I got the hose out and cleaned it up.  It looks good as new.  Of course, not like we can fertilize an acre with this, ha, but we'll use it.  We hope to have some sectioned off areas of the yard and it might be nice (on a cool day) to walk this around and just be outside in the moment.  Can they be used for seeding areas?  Not sure.

But you know me, never one to pass up a good freebie!


  1. If it has an opening that can be adjusted for different sized fertilizer pellets then yes it can also be used for spreading seed. We did that with one very similar with both clover seed and Scotts Turf Builder on the farm years ago. Worked like a dream.

    1. Oh wow, yes it does have this. Awesome to hear, thank you!

  2. You work with some very nice and generous people!

  3. You have some wonderful coworkers.
    We have used our spreader also as a grass seeder. This is what we had done. First take a rake the area that you want the grass seed to go. Mix the seed with light sand and then spread. Lightly rake the seed into the soil -lightly and then lightly water,( you don't want to wash away the seed) cover area with straw; (that is to keep the birds from getting the seed). You may have to adjust your setting on the spreader; it all depends on thick or how thing you want it spread.
    Keep the area moist and before long you will begin to see grass shoots coming up.
    Have a fun and enjoyable evening.

  4. Hey glad ya'll are doing great. This weather has been something else.

  5. That is a nice thing to have passed along to you.


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