Sunday, September 17, 2023


We have had rain!  Intermittent, but definitely welcome.  It is Sunday so that means it's time for some good food and some Hobart!

This was last weekend's big meal.  2nd Man once again knocked it out of the park.  Pork with mole verde, refried beans, rice with corn and jalapeños and this time homemade flour tortillas.

Sometimes friends will ask us why we don't go out to eat more, hello?  Why?  This is just as good and we get to wear our pajamas, LOL!

He's awake!!

Aaaaaand...he's out!

Ha!  We thought you all might like these pictures.  He was on his blanket on the table, a weekend tradition, and I thought "oh, he's awake and looking at the camera" so I took a picture.  I went to the other room to do something, came back a few minutes later and he was asleep.  We don't dare disturb his sleep of course, because...



  1. I agree ... why go spend money on a meal when you have an in-home chef? Ask your in-home chef if he needs a night away from the kitchen! That might work out well for everyone!
    That Hobart ... he is so mysteriously dusky ... I look forward to seeing him every Sunday!!!

  2. Restaurant-quality meals at home. In pj’s! Can’t beat that. 2nd Man is amazing!
    That is such a good picture of awake-Hobart. Must be all that beauty sleep he gets!

  3. Wonderful food,good company, and comfort - and the handsome Hobart too! Why go out? Love your blog!

  4. Sometimes, we would rather eat good food than go out. Yes, I don't have to get dressed to go out. I can just eat in my nightgown. What is the red and white striped toy Hobart has?

  5. We also eat more at home than eating out. It just tastes better. I LOVE the picture of Hobart. I think this is the first time I've seen his entire face. SO stinking cute!!


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