Thursday, September 28, 2023


 Recently, at my favorite lunchtime grocery store (HEB), I found this section in their deli department:

They have a basket of assorted cheeses that are marked at below $5.00 each.  They aren't on clearance, they are just smaller cuts of cheese, probably as they slice up a larger wheel or section to make other bigger ones, they end up with smaller pieces.  It's been a good way to discover and try new cheeses.

This Port Wine Derby was SO good.  We had it with some fresh fruit, and so good.

In this batch, we tried some Chipotle Gouda and some Queso Adobera.  Both were great, the gouda was a bit spicy but wonderfully flavorful.  We want to try the Smoke Cumin.  We're sure it's all good but then again, since we love cheese, is ANY cheese bad?  😁😁


  1. Nope, no such thing as bad cheese. Occasionally one of the smaller markets use has cheese off cuts. It is always a great place to sample something different

  2. Only the "stinky" cheese ... my dad loved that smelly stuff!
    What a great way to try the different cheeses without breaking the bank!!

  3. We have a local shop that does this as well. Like you said, it is a great way to be able to see which are your favorites without spending a fortune.

  4. That's an excellent way to sample new cheeses. I don't know if there's such a thing as a "bad" cheese, but we do all have our favorites!

  5. I like the idea on both ends! Well played, well spent.

  6. That’s a great way to try some different cheeses! I’ll have to see if my H-E-B does this.

  7. That is a great way to buy cheeses. Tommy and I both love cheese. Nothing is ever wasted, though, because if one doesn't care for a cheese, the other does. I am going to watch for cheese sold like this.

  8. What a great way to try and experiment with different cheese.
    Can't wait for HEB to open up in Spring of 2024 here in Mansfield. Will be so nice to have one so close to home.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I too thought there were no bad cheese - until I was given a low-fat Brie! What is the point is my question. It was rubbery.


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