Wednesday, September 20, 2023


We're old school.  We both still like paper.  Sure we have tablets and smartphones and laptops but in the end, just like reading an actual, physical book, we like to have paper.

Over the last couple of years, I've been collecting information and printing it out. Recently, I found a binder, got some plastic sleeves and put it all together.

One part for the fruit trees and bushes and one part for the veggie garden area.

Here is the fruit side/half.  I made a quick cover sheet for that side of the binder.

When you open it, for the first page, I created a graphical representation of the actual layout of our orchard area with each tree/bush labeled for the bed that it is in.  I even have the correct shape to make sure we remember what is what.

Then, in alphabetical order, are pages of info on each fruit that we are growing.  They are sourced to be articles put out by local arborists and experts (including Texas A&M University) so that it is unique to our growing climate.  We have found info on every single thing we are growing.  Apples, bananas, blueberries, cherries, grapes, pears, plums, etc.

The info is how to plant and when to fertilize, how to care for them in different types of weather, harvesting, pruning, etc, all for each plant we have in the ground.

Then, if you hold it in front of you and just flip it over, top to bottom, the back half (which is upside down from the front half, ha) is the other part.

The Vegetable Garden Guide.

Opening it, the first page has a graphical layout of all the raised beds in the fenced in garden area and what we could plant each year.  This one is for Spring/Summer garden planning...

...and on the other side of that page is the one for Fall/Winter garden planning.

There are blank multiples so we can change things from year to year and rotate crops.

While we don't have pages for each planted or planned item yet (since we don't have anything growing this year) I have found great info, from our county extension office, local urban harvest group and even some friends of the farm who live near our growing zone...they are lists of all the vegetable varieties that grow best here, when to plant them and when to harvest them, for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

And speaking of planning, I also put yearly planners in each section, month by month, to remind me what I need to do and when.

It will allow us to plan each season and keep track of what we have done, what has worked and what maybe didn't work one season.


  1. You got everything planned out nicely. Very good start. That binder will continue to grow.
    I have learned also, the more planting you do and more information you receive; you will need a larger binder and more of them :} Canning; freezing, etc.
    Have a wonderful day along with an enjoyable evening

  2. Amazing work of planning, such a lot of thinking and making time you must have spent on that great folder. If I still had my garden I would copy you but since I don't I will give you a mark of 11 out of 10 for it! Once a teacher always a teacher.

  3. I'm with you 100% on paper for important notes and records. I reckon it's because I've lost too much stuff on computers! Your guides look fantastic. Really appealing and well organized.

  4. I started writing things in a book for what I grew. But, it was nothing compared to what you have put together. I forget what I have done! You should do somethng with this plan, sharing with a wider audience.

  5. You’ve made a wonderfully organized guide. Really useful the way you’ve made it. You could even add printed out photos of your garden and orchard each year.

    I have my lists and information on my computer but, like you, I like to have things printed out, too.

  6. I love this. I'm not clever enough to do the boxes in different shapes and get all of a section of yard on one page, but you obviously got the gift!! Cool Beans!!


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