Monday, September 25, 2023


 Saturday was the first day of Fall.  Maybe for others around the world, but not for us...

This was when I ended up leaving because it was so hot...95, felt like 109.  On the first day of Fall.  Sigh.

2nd Man had to work so he stayed in town, I took some stuff out that needed to go out there, took the truck for a spin and then watered everything well.  It's all looking pretty good after the decent rain last week.

In fact...

Look!  It's getting green again!

That rural farm grass is tough stuff.  City grass seems to die in a drought and you have to replace it with new sod next Spring.  At the farm, it can be crunchy brown with cracks in the ground and a month later it's lush and green.  We're a little ways off from lush, ha, but at least green is on the way.

There is a good chance of rain today, about 70% according to the weather forecast.


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  2. Your grass is greening up so nicely! I got a short shower of rain today – enough to water the grass. My St. Augustine carpet grass is starting to grow again and of course the tough-as-nails Bermuda grass has greened up also.

  3. We are turning a little green also. It is nice to step in a non-crunchy yard now.

  4. The cooler temperatures and just a bit of rain really made a difference in our yard as well. No more Triscuit yard. :}
    In fact, we mowed our yard over the weekend.
    Then, wouldn't you know it; our AC unit quit working late Sunday afternoon/early evening. Someone came out 1st thing yesterday morning, so all fixed up once again.
    Have a great week.


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