Sunday, September 24, 2023


The weekend is here and now almost over.  They always go so much faster than the work week, ha!

We had the classic recipe that's sometimes called "no peek pork chops and rice" or "oven baked cream of mushroom pork chops".  Whatever you call it, we call it GOOD.  We'll post the recipe next time we make it and I'll take some pics.  This one was with some sautéed broccolini on the side.  For dessert we had another one of those chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches you saw posted a couple days ago.

One day at work, I was telling a coworker how 2nd Man says that every day, about 4:30 or so, Hobart wakes up and goes over to lay by the door, waiting for me to get home apparently.  When I got home the other day, I slowly opened the door and peeked in to snap a picture.  This is him.  Ostensibly waiting on me because he missed me but probably waiting for the 'evening meal giver' to return. Because...



  1. Love the Hobart story!

  2. Another delicious meal! Yum!
    Aww, that is so sweet how Hobart waits for his daddy to come home! He loves you so much!


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