Monday, September 18, 2023


We finally got some much needed rain.  About 3/4" over Thursday and Friday.

When I went out Saturday...  

...there was some green starting to appear in the yard.

Even in the area where the cracks in the ground are, there was green grass springing up.  

I watered just in case, had to water the stuff on the porch for sure.  Moved a few things from the house to the barn/shop, drove the truck, and then called it a day.

I was watching the radar and could see more rain coming.  When I finally left about 1:30, this was the sky.  We were hopeful for more rain and sure enough...

This is the radar about an hour later when I got back into Houston...the red pin is the farm.

And this is 4:30, about two hours later, it was still raining but getting lighter.  It ended at about 5pm and was nice the rest of the weekend.  We ended up with about 1 1/2" over the course of a few days.  None the rest of this week but cooler temperatures finally.


  1. Hooray for much needed rain! __Anne in the kitchen

  2. I kinda figured that you might have been receiving rain from the front that was moving down your way from here.
    Nice to see the lawn greening up once again. Even tho our cracks aren't completely filled in, it's a bit safer walking out in the yard, as they aren't quite as deep or wide as they where.
    We have a chance of more thunderstorms moving in.
    Sure am enjoying the much cooler temperatures.
    Have a great and relaxing evening.

  3. please send some my way! in 6 weeks we have barely has 1/4 of an inch and it's so dry and hilly here that it ran off and didn't sink in. ugh!

  4. I’m so glad that you got some rain at the Farm. It’s amazing how quickly the grass and flowers recognize that it’s ok to grow again.
    I received 2.5 inches – sooo happy! And I had a surprise – my pink rain lilies bloomed. They do this after each time it rains. Always a beautiful sight!

    1. The rain lilies are so pretty when blooming.
      I always called them Fairy Lilies. I had forgotten all about these beauties until you mentioned them.
      I had some when living in Oklahoma some years ago. I need to see if I can find some bulbs and get some planted before it gets too late in the season. Thanks for the reminder Texas Rose. :}


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