Tuesday, September 26, 2023


We got one of these a few years ago for the first time but we skipped the last couple of years.

This year, when the availability email came, we figured we should get one again since we loved it the first time. 

It is the Bonne Maman Advent calendar for 2023.  Every year, they come out with this set that lets you try some really cool and unusual flavors and combinations that they will never have in the large jars.

From the Bonne Maman website:

"Count down to Christmas with 23 unique limited editions spreads and 1 honey.  Discover delicious flavors such as 'Caramel with Cinnamon', 'Raspberry Chocolate' and 'Lemon Yuzu' that can only be found during the holiday season.  Perfect for gifting or treating yourself!  The highly coveted Advent calendar will sell out fast.  Don't miss out on this limited edition treat."

If you are so inclined or want more info, the link to the website to get one is HERE.

We don't get anything, just fans sharing the fun.

We also got this cool little spoon, engraved with the Bonne Maman name, that fits into the small jars that come with the calendar.

We really like trying all the flavors and last time we bought it, some of our favorite flavors were "mango peach lime" and "fig with cardamom".  Really different and fun flavors to try and with 2nd Man baking break and making biscuits regularly, we'll definitely go through them.

On the other plus side, washed, cleaned and labels removed, the little jars are just adorable, ready for some sort of project .  Yes, I have all 24 from the last time.  Now I'll have 48.  2nd Man indulges tolerates my love of jars/containers.



  1. I got DH one of these for Advent a few years ago. He generously shared with me, and we both enjoyed all the new/different flavors. Those teeny jars are so cute! The only practical way I found to reuse them is as little salt/pepper shakers.
    Another good Advent calendar is the Aldi's English Cheese calendar. Very well priced; super tasty cheeses.

  2. What a great gift! And the little jars are so cute!

  3. There jelly is so delicious. I may treat myself to one of these.

  4. I love Bonne Maman, it's gone up in price the last few years as drought has affected their sources of fruit orchards (from what I read) but it's still worth it. Janie V

  5. That is neat; new flavors to try, plus cute little jars as well. Jars would be just the right size to carry in my handbag.
    When we go out for breakfast I normally will take a 4oz. jar or tiny sq. plastic container of my homemade jam / sauce, or if we go for a fish meal, will take my own homemade tartar sauce, etc.
    Have a Wonderful day.

  6. I gave these to the two daughters' families last year. They enjoyed them but I think I'll skip this year. Or maybe just get one for me. Hmm Decisions.

  7. I would love one of these. It is a bit pricey for me. I do love their jelly.

  8. I am not sure if I need to thank you or curse you. Of course I checked out the link and even though I need these like I need another hole in my head it should be on its way here before to long. If it gets here in time do you think it would be a good birthday gift for TheHub? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Grandkids love the little jars. They seem to have a lot of little treasures that need "jarring". I save mine for them.


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