Sunday, June 10, 2012


How hot?  Check out this "advisory" they just issued for our area...
Needless to say, my outdoor activities will be somewhat limited.

ISSUED 6:33PM CST ON JUNE 10, 2012

Heat indices between 105 and 109 degrees are expected again on
Monday and Tuesday... 
The combination of warm temperatures and high dewpoints will
produce heat indices between 105 and 109 degrees over the next
couple of days across south Texas. At times the heat indices may
reach or exceed 110 degrees across portions of south Texas and a
heat advisory may be issued if warranted.
Residents with outdoor activities planned are urged to drink
plenty of water... wear light weight and light colored
clothing... and take frequent breaks from the heat. Young children
and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any
circumstances. This is especially true during warm or hot weather
when car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of



  1. Ouch! And I thought Georgia was HOT.

  2. I am with you Bernadine on that one, Georgia is bad enough.

    1. Ha, you sure you don't want some of this that direction??

  3. your farm seems pretty isolated and i right? so i have 3 recommendations - first: be naked. second: big, floppy, girly sun hat (even jambaloney wears one. although his is a quite manly shade of yellow). 3: kiddie pool (trust me on this one. no, like, for real!).

    the above recommendations have been tested by me and work wonders on hot days.

    your friend,

    1. I about fell off the couch. Yes, it's pretty private, there are neighbors we call "2nd Family" at the front end of the property but they can't see down to the house and there is NO ONE on the back and sides of the property. I presume lots of sunscreen? LOL!

      I bet I could find a floppy yet manly girly hat, haha.

      Kiddie pool? Hmm, makes sense to me! Cool water is ALWAYS a good thing on a hot day. Thank you for the first hand recommendations!

  4. And sometimes it's not any cooler in the wee hours of the morning either. Sure does put a damper on outdoor chores/activities. Stay cool!

    1. Was just outside at 8:15am, watering, and I worked up a sweat, it's the humidity, it's just SO oppressing. Ugh. Thanks for stopping by!! I'll try to stay cool.

  5. And this, my dear friend, is why I no longer live in Texas. Dallas was bad enough.... Houston, when you sweat as soon as you walk out of the house...yeah, no thank you. I loved visiting with you, but I certainly don't need to live there anymore!!

    Stay cool. I'd tell you to come to WI, but it's been the same here and we don't have A/C. Supposed to be a cool front coming into tonight.

    1. Hey, at least in January/February, I'll be in shorts and not up to my waist in snow, LOL! Just kidding, I'd much rather be cold than hot, once you get naked and are still hot, you're hot. At least when it's cold you can put on more clothes and blankets.

      Hang in there! There is a difference sometimes people don't understand about our hot weather down here. I can't just say it's hot, it's a sticky, wet, damp hot that you just have to experience to understand, ha.


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