Sunday, June 24, 2012


WWI Victory Poster, "Eat Less Bread", courtesy of: UK Historical Archives
Here is an interesting poster for today.  It dates from WWI and was used to remind people that they needed to eat less bread because of the fact that the food rations needed to be directed toward the soldiers overseas.

"The Kitchen is the Key to Victory"

Wheat was a valuable resource that could be shipped to where it was needed.

The way 2nd Man cooks bread around here, I'd really have to think about this one, LOL.  I suppose in the interest of victory I'd have to do it.
Hmm...could I still have pasta?  They did only say bread...


  1. Wouldn't it be hard to live without bread! I have some in some form probably every day. Mostly home made, and as there is only me, I still get through a loaf with no waste!

    1. I know! I just love bread in all its forms! And nothing beats homemade! ;-)

  2. The way my husband bakes bread around here too, I would really have a hard time giving it up! It's my weakness. I love the poster. I should follow the advice. I would lose the 30 pounds I've been trying to shed for over a decade!

    1. LOL! I can totally relate. Hmmm, maybe this poster could be repurposed for today to "dieting". The key to weight loss victory is to eat less bread. LOL!


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