Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Closet shelves before
I promised some pics of the rainy day projects I did last week.  This is one that I'm very happy with how it ultimately came out.

On the lower portion, there was already one board on each side of the closet as a support, but no shelf.  I figured that there must have been a shelf over the closet rod once upon a time.  I then found two small strips of wood in the scrap pile, cut them to the same length as the lower ones, painted them white, and screwed them into the wall above the lower ones.  I'll take some white paint and touch up the screw heads.  These closets extend to the full 7 1/2 foot height of the ceilings in the house so I was able to effectively double the space that was already there by putting another set higher up.  I put two shelf boards on each set of supports.  These are 3 foot long boards, 12" deep.  The best part is that since the support boards on the sides were 24" deep, I was able to use two of those 12" shelves on each support.

Below is the end result.  It makes use of that dead space way up high.  The baskets were just there for photo purposes so we could see what it will look like.  There is another closet in the guest room, exactly like this one,  in fact it's the one we are using as the cleaning closet, and I did the same thing in there.  Now we just need to figure out how best to utilize all this new storage space.

Closet shelves after


  1. You can never have to much closet space! Oh if only my closets were so neat and tidy!

    1. Ha, they are neat and tidy because we're starting from scratch. Trust me, the house in town doesn't have closets like this, LOL! It's kind of nice having a blank slate. Now let's check in again in a year or so, ha.

  2. I just don't think a house can ever have enough shelving. I've got extra shelves here that never existed before. I think the previous owners must have used the single shelf as storage for their extra tall garden gnomes or possibly a hidey spot from their spouse..... NOW I can tuck away suitcases and camping gear! Great job you did there!

    1. I like that, extra tall garden gnomes. They need a home too huh? Ha. I'm not sure what we'll hide up there but I bet we can figure out something. It's nice to have the extra space that's for sure.


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