Monday, July 15, 2013


This is the "grass", for lack of a better term, that is in front of the house near where we park.  Such a lovely shade of gold, ha.
As you can see, my days on the "Big Green Zen Machine" appear to be over, for now.  

There is still a bit of green grass left here, under the shade of Old Barnabas, but that is just about it.  Not enough to mow and I'm not even sure how long it will actually last.

The ground is starting to crack in a few spots, a sure sign of the need for some rain.  We've now gone over a month with no rain, following a month prior to that with very little and almost a month of 99-108 degree temps.

After we get enough rain, fingers crossed, things will green up again, but it's still kind of sad to see.  At least the trees are staying green, for now anyway and on an up note, the golden brown does look striking with my red car parked right in the middle of it, LOL.


  1. i feel your pain. we had a drought last year. we just got tons of rain and it did in parts of my garden. too much is as bad as too little.

  2. Now I can relate to the brown grass and cracks in the earth, but what kind of farm truck is that???? LOL.

  3. It has rained here almost every day this summer, an atypical summer for North Georgia. The constant gray weather does get old. But, before this, we've had drought. I am not going to complain, even if we are mowing twice a week and barely keeping up. Wish we could send some of our excess your way; I hate to see cracked earth.

  4. I am so blessed to have irrigation water and automatic sprinklers. I'd just cry if everything dried up every summer! Or I'd end up with a yard consisting of crushed rock and cacti ;-)

  5. Good ole Texas summers. I miss them but I don't at the same time. I have no idea how my dad maintained a garden all those years in Houston. We've had lots of rain the East Coast so I'll try to send some your way!

  6. We are going through that here, now, too... the weatherman said last night we are down 3.5 inches for the year now. Big cracks.

  7. At least you aren't spending so much $$ on gas for the green machine. Hope you get some heaven sent droplets soon.

  8. One benefit to dry grass, you don't have to cut it!!!

    I would send you some of our rain but we really need it :-)

    Stay cool, rain will make it your way.


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