Wednesday, June 15, 2011


OK, so we don't have it yet (no, this isn't ours), but we have done our research and I believe we have narrowed down the storage shed/barn we want.  I guess it's not really a true barn, since we won't have livestock in it, but it will serve the same purpose.  It's this one, by Tuff Shed.
Red Tuff Shed Barn
We love this look of a "classic" barn as seen in the photo above.
A place to store tools, supplies, and all things farm related.
I know it's easy to let one of these turn into an overstuff storage building, but with us keeping our house in the city for awhile, we can keep 'overflow' there and start this out clean,
fresh and most of all, organized.

We are fortunate, these can be purchased in kit form and then you pay to have someone build it.  The husband of one my dearest friends ("separated at birth", you know who you are!) used to build these for a living.  He still does it as a side business and when we get ready, we won't even think of having anyone else do it for us, he'll be the one we call.  Not sure we'll do that in the heat of this Summer, I wouldn't put anyone through that.  This will most likely be a Fall project for sure.

Ours will be painted red with white trim, just like the one above.
The same red we use on the house trim, and the same white as the body of the house.  I think the opposite color scheme will be a nice touch.  Of course, we have to figure out the best placement for it, and I think we've narrowed it down to a couple of sites on the property.  We want it close enough to the house to have easy access but far enough away that it becomes it's own "area" on the property.  There are many interior options available, so I like the ability to configure them to whatever way works best.
Side note, I just LOVE the chicken coop next to the barn in that picture.  We can't have chickens in the foreseeable future, since we won't be full timers yet, but it reminds me that we (and you) should always plan ahead for future expansion.  If we wedged this in between two trees, and then someday decided to have chickens, we'd have to house them elsewhere, when it would be more convenient for them to be near the barn.  So always think about your future plans for your property, even if it's a year or two or three down the road, you'll save yourself a lot of headache in the long run.

Planning ahead is always a good thing.

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