Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We were at a friends house this past weekend for her daughter's graduation party, and they have started their own small garden in the backyard!  It's going great so far and while it's small, and they were laughing about the fact that they didn't have many vegetables yet, I reminded them that it's a start!

This isn't their garden, but I use this as an example that you can plant lots of things in a small space.
This has tomatoes, chives, basil and more growing in a container.

This is a small raised bed that someone built and it's going to produce food in a small space.

This person is growing stuff in BOTTLES!

And this is perhaps one of the most ingenious things I've seen, they are growing herbs and salad greens in gutters attached to the side of a house.

So in summary, start somewhere.  Start small.  You learn a little now, next season you add a few more veggies, and then learn some more and the season after that you plant an even bigger garden.  You just have to get started somewhere.
All plants requires is soil, water, light and a little attention and you'll be growing your own food in no time.

So I hope my friend will not be discouraged by her small garden,
and will be inspired next year to do a little more and that these photos inspire you all to do the same.

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