Friday, June 10, 2011


What a cool idea this is.  I love stumbling across neat things on the Internet that I can incorporate into our own lives and use at the farm.
I saw this idea and I have to use it out there, the buckets are so "farmhouse".
You simply take a galvanized bucket,
fill it with sand, and stick a candle in it.
It becomes a Luminaria of sorts, only metal.

Bucket Candle Luminaria
These buckets are VERY inexpensive at places like Home Depot and Lowe's, and you can buy, at the same places, bags of sand for very little as well.  A few candles and you're done, for very little cost.

When the candle is all melted down, let the wax harden, pull it out of the sand, level it off and stick another candle down in there.  Then you're ready for another evening of light.

You could use tealights, votives, even small pillars, and of course candles with colors, and even scents.

Bucket candles on steps
How pretty is this?
I can see them scattered around the property during a dinner party, or maybe on the porch steps one night relaxing with a glass of wine.

I'm going to do this easy project as soon as I can get to the store
and get some buckets and a bag of sand!


  1. I did this with baby food jars too. There were a ton of them that "came with the house." I used them to line the walkway. Our front walkway is heavily covered by 80 year old trees so not much sunlight makes it through.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the magazine articles. Now I look at all the gardening and decorating stuff differently. I wish I had time to do so many of those things. I love the ladders with the pots on them. The problem is that I have SOOOO much shade with old trees that doing things in sunny spots just isn't an option for me. :( Hope you can put them to good use. Love ya!

  2. Baby food jars, that's a great idea too. I'm off to do some googling!

  3. Maybe punch lots of holes with an awl to give a sparkly effect. I need to make these!

    1. Some holes punched would be awesome!! Thanks for THAT suggestion. I still haven't bought mine yet but I'll do that soon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by, please come back and visit!!


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