Friday, June 3, 2011


One thing I want to do (sooner rather than later!) is turn this:

White rocking chair
Into this:

Red rocking chair
We just love a red rocking chair.  It's not something you see all the time and if I can find just the right color red, I could very easily turn our white ones into red ones!  It's funny, in the city I don't really have a place outside I can paint something, but on 10 acres, I'm sure I could find a spot!

Once I start the project, I'll document the before, during and after.

I think they would look awesome on the front porch.

And if we wanted to just go buy something new, how cool would this be?

Red double rocker
One thing I've learned for sure out there,
you're never too young to enjoy a rocking chair....


  1. Love this! Way more you than white.

  2. The red would look good against white walls. If you paint the house red maybe you keep the chairs white or even black?


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