Sunday, June 5, 2011


Some of you have asked if we have pets.  We do!  We have three cats and all three of them came to us in unusual circumstances.

This is the first and oldest one, his name is Sydney.  He came to us 16 years ago from a friend who rescued his pregnant mother from kids throwing rocks at her.  My friend gave me first pick of the litter.  Who couldn't resist that little black and white tuxedo kitty?

This is the second, Brisbane, he was found 10 years ago in our back yard, at two weeks old, abandoned by his mother.  We became the surrogate, bottle feeding him regularly for the next few weeks.  

No way we could give away a bottle raised baby!

This is the third, Hobart, he was rescued by 2nd Man, 5 years ago, after being stuck, as a kitten, in a propane tank storage bin in front of a grocery store.  We brought him home, cleaned him up and were going to put him up for adoption, but it was a Friday night and we couldn't get anywhere until Monday morning.  Well, that was it, after 3 days with him, he was ours (or should that be "we were his?")

So, as you can see, we have three cats.  Are you sensing a theme in the naming?  We've always wanted to travel to Australia (it's on our bucket list) and so I named Sydney easily.  Then when the second one came along, we thought it would be neat to pick another city in Australia so we did.  Well, the third one was just predestined to be named for another city in Australia and it came down to either Melbourne or Hobart.  He just looked like a Hobart, so there he is.  If he had been a "she", Adelaide (Addie) was on the list.  

We can't any pets at the farm right now, as we won't be there long enough being just weekend residents.  But someday, when we're out there full time, we'll have pets.  We love animals too much not to have some.  It's amazing how animals enrich our lives in so many ways.


  1. Trust me, you probably have cats you don't know about. We have "barn cats". There is a big shed next to us and the cats dart in and out. We are not even sure how many there are. Your kitties are cute and I love the names.

  2. Ha, that's true! Ma had a small shed at one point and there was a cat living there, but he vanished once. I'm figuring once we are out there doing stuff and have more of a "presence" out there, we'll get some stray/feral cats hanging around.

    Thanks for the comment on the names, we thought it would be a cute theme, ha. We had a backup plan for a girl cat, she would have been Adelaide, or Addie for short.

    The barn cats will have to have different names...maybe we'll name them after tractors! Ha.

  3. Any tractor that isn't a John Deere isn't worth a spit. This coming from the grand daughter of a farmer who used nothing but John Deeres his entire life :)

  4. As an Aussie I was intrigued by the cats' names so just had to check it out and came across this old post, so now I know. I love what you're doing and am enjoying reading your updates. Hope you do make it to Australia one day.
    Cheers Yvonne

    1. Aww, thanks for coming back and looking at this old post. Yep, our three kitties, sadly we've lost Sydney, two years ago now, but he had a good long almost 19 years. Yep, we are still hoping to visit your wonderful country someday!!!


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