Friday, August 19, 2011


Our Fabulous Beekman Boys Blaak cheese arrived at the office yesterday.  The ice packs were melted (it was 103 afterall) and so it was immediately put in the refrigerator at the office to keep it cold until I got home.  Then it was transferred to the home fridge, awaiting our first taste test. 

Beekman Blaak photo courtesy

Can't wait to try it.  We have a new bottle of wine to try (a new Malbec) so tonight, I'm thinking we might just have a dinner of wine, heirloom tomatoes, homemade bread and cheese!

We'll let you know!


  1. If you want cheese, come to Wisconsin. Geez. I live 2 miles from a cheese factory!!

  2. Well I knew that...this is just cheese that's famous from a TV show we watch, so that's what makes it exciting. I know all about you "cheeseheads" up there, LOL! :-)

    I have had, only once in my life, cheese curds brought back by a friend from up there, and OMG, those should be called 'cheese crack', they were that good. I'm jealous you can just get that anytime you want!

  3. Not to mention that up here we batter them and deep fry them as well. When cheese curds are really fresh, they squeek when you eat them.


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