Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Stove top cover

I know we don't have a stove yet, but part of what we do is plan ahead and this is going to be a must have.  It's a cover that sits on top of the stove and gives much needed additional "counter space" in a small kitchen.  With the handles on each side, you can simply lift it off and move it elsewhere, letting it double as a tray for other uses, maybe even for transporting food into the dining room.  It is certainly more unique than individual burner covers.  We think it's a very cool idea for our own farmhouse kitchen.


Kelly said...

Oh that is so cool. Where did you find it? I need more counter space in my kitchen!!!

1st Man said...

I thought about that after I posted it. I will have to find the link, I remember saving the picture and I think I saved the company that sold it. As I recall it was kind of pricey, but I was thinking that other people might also make it, not to mention anyone with some decent woodworking skills might be able to duplicate it. I'll see what I can find.