Sunday, April 15, 2012


So I get to the farm today.

Forgot my gloves for the berries, so I have stained fingers which by itself isn't the end of the world except we were meeting friends for dinner...strike one.

Then the weather started getting dark and it began thundering...strike two.

Then I almost stepped on this 5 foot long snake that was slithering into the underbrush...strike three.

decided it was best to call it a day...I did however get a lot of things done this weekend and I'll share those in posts later in the week.  Check out yesterday's post of the weekend plans for the update on what I was able to check off my list.

OH, and if anyone can identify the snake, it would be appreciated.


It's apparently a "Rat Snake" as they call them in these parts.  Also known as "Gopher Snake" (thanks Granny!) and "Chicken Snake", probably based on what they eat.  As long as it's not "People Snake", I'm ok.



    Just a guess that it's a gopher snake. They look like rattlesnakes without rattlers. I had one slither out from under our shed in AZ, and snuggle right up to my foot. I jumped and prayed....OK, maybe taking the Lord's name in vain isn't considered praying, but.....

    Anyway, if it is indeed a gopher snake, they are one of the good guys.

  2. Oh, yeah... no on the snake!!!!

  3. oh, thank you, thank you! you did NOT grab an object and assault the snake. 999 times out of 1000 a confruntation (I'm still working on my first pot of coffee) is because the predator (you) attacked the snake (from the snake's point of view) If you are too large to eat, you will normally be left alone, if the snake has a place to retreat to. A relativelly easy way to tell "good" from "bad" (they both eat mice and rats) is good has a very tapered head, almost dimond shaped, bad has a head much more like a small match box, very squared off. The only one you give no quarter to is a Coral Snake. Very very toxic soul. Go to the Houston Zoo after you get off work, and check out the snakes.

    An excellent idea for a planter, I may copy. ; ) the broken bits of brick in the botton should act as a water reserve for the plants.

  4. Oy...sounds like a crazy/funny kind of day! Hey, at least you got some berries out of the whole thing, right?!


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