Monday, April 30, 2012


This is the area I got chopped/mowed/dug up so far under the big tree over the weekend.  It's where we want to put an outdoor dining table.  I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible since it's totally shaded and the only thing growing is tall, grassy weeds.  I think (hope?) I made a pretty good dent.  There is just about as much cleared when turned to look the other direction.

I'm thinking it's at a good enough stopping point (soon anyway) for me to put down some landscape fabric/weed block cloth, throw some heavy stuff on top, and let it sit to "smother" out the leftovers.

The only thing I'm not sure of, is how much more I'm going to weed along the perimeter.  I like the green and leaving it natural, and whatever that grass is, it's growing just could also just be a lot more work that I could concentrate elsewhere for now, since so many areas on the property need work.  Then maybe next Fall, I could do some more clearing.  I'll have to put some sort of border around the edges anyway to hold in the pea gravel (or whatever ground cover we go with) so clearing it out totally is not really necessary, it's just more of an aesthetic thing.


  1. A light colored pea gravel or white marble rocks would look pleasant.

    1. Hey Cloud! A light pea gravel is exactly what I was leaning toward. Though the bark chippings are a definite possibility as well. One of these days you'll check in and all will be revealed, ha.

    2. I'll check in so long as you make a deal of going "Tah DAH" when it happens out.

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    1. Thanks, I hope it all comes out nicely. Baby steps, ha!

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    1. Bark is on my radar too! It's cheaper than gravel (and at this point that could win out, ha). As for seat, there will actually be a dining table and some chairs, for some outdoor al fresco dinners (later). I'll still have a nice seat, it will just be around a table, ha.

  4. If its not too much trouble could you send my invite to the first party now? My calendar does fill up quickly you know...and already I can see the chandelier hanging from the tree outfitted with those battery operated flickering lights. Great job!

  5. I like the idea of pea gravel too, but the cost can be prohibitive. I think red mulch chips would look striking there. If you go the wood chip route, look around for a source that sells in bulk rather than bags for big savings. My dad was able to get all he needed for his flower beds for the same price of ONE bag of mulch at the big box store. Come to think of it, you may be able to get similar savings on gravel in the same manner. Food for thought...

  6. Looks wonderful! I have not had much luck with weed block fabric--weeds always find a way through it, and it makes digging them out very frustrating. I have better luck using discarded carpeting under the pea gravel (or bark). Also, seeds blown in don't seem to root in as easily as on top of the fabric. Can't wait to see it finished.



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