Sunday, April 29, 2012


Image courtesy of: Kennedy Museum Exhibition
I just love this poster.  Talk about a great graphic design.  Speaking of, it is by famed British graphic designer Abram Games, whose work spanned over six decades.  This was, of course, popular during WWII and the point was to get people to grow their own food, so that the ships and related supplies could be used for other purposes during the War.

This poster is nicely done, I love the contrast of the spade on one half and a ship on the other, and then the rows of crops on one half and the ocean waves on the other side.  Too cool.

"Use Spades, Not Ships".  Makes sense to me.  Nothing could be a truer sense of being a "Locavore" than what this says.  Today, we might say, grow your own, use spades, not delivery trucks, airplanes, cargo containers, and well, you get the picture, ha.

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  1. Nice Poster find. Wouldnt it be interesting if they created green houses on the deck and grew hydroponic food for everyone on board. - cloud


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