Saturday, April 14, 2012


Off to the farm today (and tomorrow) for a LOT of yard work.  More time on the big green machine too, which might be a nice respite in between the other stuff.

 This weekend's agenda:

Till up and dig flower beds around front and one side of house
Weed eat areas mower can't get to
Mow a little more
Do something with pile of dirt on side of house
Start clearing debris in tall grass along fence line (old bricks, limbs, rocks, etc)
See if I can now mow the debris free areas
Get fruit tree holes dug
Do something with large urn / planter on corner of porch
Start clearing under and around the party/picnic tree (long term project)
Put grass seed in barren spots & water before leaving (Mon/Tues rain forecast)

If I can get the majority of this done this weekend, next weekend I can start planting the fruit trees and bushes, and start planting stuff in the flower beds around the house.



Donna OShaughnessy said...

Very nice! Of course pictures would be better but I suppose sine you did all that work you thought you had no time for photos. Slacker. :)

1st Man said...

Very sore slacker, LOL. Yes, I took pictures, just figured I'd post them tomorrow with the final weekend update, ha. Got a lot done today but still have more to do tomorrow. PIctures then (or Monday, if tomorrow night ends up like tonight, ha). Thanks for stopping by!

Frugal Living UK said...

You're still enjoying your mowing then!

1st Man said...

LOVE mowing (on the riding mower of course, ha). If you were close by, I'd "ride on over" and mow your yard for you, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hope later on we will get some great hints to grow tomatoes,I am from the pacific northwest. I am enjoying your blog. We have been in the middle of redoing our front and back yard. We decided to bark this yr. adds color and brings out the color in all my plants. I hurried my front yard this yr. I backed up my driveway and missed the house but took out two of my favorite trees with my car. So we planted lawn where they were.I live in a rural area 4 miles from our small city. I grew up on 80 acreas. Thanks