Saturday, April 21, 2012


Some of you have asked how much we got done this weekend.  So here are some more pics (taken in between snake sightings of course).  The red lines in each photo are where the edge of the brush WAS. You can kind of see the edge of the green grass and then the arrows point to how far in we were able to get things cleared and mowed.  More of this this weekend.

This spot is over at the side of the property that we cleared ALMOST to the fence line.  Phew!  I'll have to keep this part mowed down regularly so the brush doesn't come back.  Maybe it would be a good place to start naturalizing some plants or putting down some grass seed or bulbs? 

Here is the place that, after clearing, we really are leaning toward making it the spot for a small barn/storage building.  It's in the front of the house and since the house sits close to the rear property line, I'd rather have the storage in front of instead of in back.  Still have more to clear but it's a big start.

This space has a huge tree or maybe even two, full of snakes I'm sure but I digress, that had brush so high around it, we couldn't even get close to it.  You can see how much we got removed as now we're almost close enough to wander "in". It will be a great spot when we're done clearing out all around it.  Can't wait to see what the tree looks like up close, later of course, much later.


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    1. Thank you. Still LOTS to do though, ha, as I know you understand. Y'all have done a great job on your property. Of course we still have a long hot summer ahead.

  2. What an improvement! You've been a real busy little bee ;-)

  3. Wow, great job! Keep up the good work!


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