Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here is the other part of what I got done.  This is what will become the front flower bed, running the full length of the front of the house.  As you can see it was all grass and again, nothing ever really planted there so I just had to use the machine to dig in!

A few sore muscles later, here is the end result; a 30 foot long, by about 3 feet wide bed of soft dirt.  It looks a little uneven but that's because there is dirt and grass that was thrown into the area around it.  Time for plants!  I do need to come up with some sort of edging or border, haven't decided what to use yet.  Don't want it to be too formal looking, I don't think that would fit.  For now I just want some "life" along the front.  That's such a better look than just grass and nothing else.  The fun stuff is always decorating, and I consider landscaping to be "decorating the outside".  As you can see from the front of the board under the porch, painting will be on the agenda in a month or so.  Just one more step along the journey. 


  1. your farmhouse will look like the one aout of the WALTONS when you've done x

    1. Um, I hope that's a good thing? LOL! I'll have to go to youtube and watch one or two, ha.

  2. Replies
    1. Oooh, nice thought! I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the suggestion. :-)


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