Monday, April 27, 2020


Several of you have asked where we have found flour.  Pre-pandemic, I stocked us up with all that I could find, we had about 15lbs of each (all purpose and bread).  But with a batch of bread a week and the occasional pie crust and pan of biscuits, we were running low.  AP flour was low and we were already out of bread flour.  Of course flour in the stores around here is about as scarce as toilet paper.  We've been checking the King Arthur Baking Co. website from time to time and one night they showed the flour we needed as "available". 

We ordered 10 pounds of each and waited.  

King Arthur Flour box
The website of course has a disclaimer about delays in shipping times.  We were fine with that.  In fact just a couple of days later, the same flours showed sold out/unavailable.  We guess word got around.

It took a little over two weeks to arrive from when we ordered it but over the weekend it showed up!

Shipping flour
We opened the boxes and there they were, nice and neatly packed, two brand new 5 lb bags of each.

King Arthur Flour
2nd Man said it's like Christmas in quarantine.  Now I know what to buy him for Christmas, LOL.

  For those looking for flour, King Arthur is posting flour in stock as they have it available and then once it's all spoken for via online orders, they change it to "temporarily unavailable". Delivery is still delayed a bit because they are operating under limited staff and enhanced safety protocols.  When they have more available they will update the website.  Our best advice is to check once a day and see if it shows up.  Once you order it you are locked in for that batch so just keep checking.

Here is a link directly to their "flours page":

We don't get anything for sending you there (but King Arthur if you're listening, we love your products!).  Good luck and happy baking!


  1. If you follow The Kitchen's Garden, Cecilia lives on the Plains of Illinois and works at Janie's Mill ... flour and lots of it in many forms!
    Mill at Janie's Farm in Ashkum, IL.

  2. Nice that it's delivered right to your door. I have tried King Arthur's flour. I have always used Gold Medal. One thing I can never find anymore in the grocery stores is Rye Flour. WalMart used to carry it but have stopped a few years ago. None of the other grocery stores around don't carry it either. :{ (I really don't do on-line ordering so I just do without.)
    Me; I normally will buy 25 lbs., dividing it up; bagging it and placing in the freezer

  3. I have been able to score AP & bread flour at my local market. I buy the store brand; it works nicely. perhaps people in mah hood don't bake, IDK.

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    1. Sorry preemptive spelling hijacked the previous post. It is funny to see what we think is truly important to us now. Priorities and all that!

  5. I don't use a lot of flower. Mostly for waffles and a little hear and there in cooking dinner. Our stores were completely out for weeks, but I finally found one restocking and now I have two bags of flour in reserve. Maybe I'll bake cookies! Amazing the new perspective we've all gotten. Even the basics are now precious.

  6. That is great to know – thanks for the info. I’ve been limiting my baking during this time due to the uncertainty of resupplies. King Arthur is my favorite brand of flour. I just checked their site for all-purpose flour and it is temporarily unavailable. But I’ll check back daily, as you suggested.

    I also need to get vinegar and sugar for canning. My cucumber vines are starting to have little cucumbers, so it will be pickle making time very soon.

  7. Flour is available here, not in abundance, though. I have five pounds and never bake, so I am good.

  8. I finally found some bread flour from a company in Kentucky on Etsy. It was quite expensive, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. It is exceptional flour. I've made two loaves in the bread maker and it was very good. == I knew the last time I actually went to the grocery store sometime in mid-March I bought a bag of King Arthur bread flour. I think it was the last bag on the shelf. After all this time I found it yesterday. I had put it in a box in the room I keep all the groceries in and had stacked some things on top of the box. I'm stocked up with bread flour to last me for a while! Plus, I have some self-rising and AP too. Funny thing is I'm not a baker, but I am thinking about cookies and cakes! :) Hopefully, I will have all the ingredients I need for cookies & cakes, but somehow I doubt it!

  9. Hi ya'll! You can easily make your own "bread" flour because AP flour is usually easier to find. For each cup of flour you want to use just take out a tablespoon and substitute it with tablespoon of wheat gluten. I usually can find this on Amazon but I've bought it from KA as well. Easy peasy. And much less expensive. We use this for cookies too! We also make oat flour by grinding it in the Vitamix. You can mix it into your flour....we usually do 25%.

  10. Here in New Zealand flour is also hard to find. Luckily some of the local bakeries, which have continued with online deliveries, offer their bread flour. The one I've been using also offers fresh yeast. Yes, yeast has been hard to get too. Hope your both enjoy your baking results, stay safe,

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  11. Not sure if you have in your area, but Gordon Food Services has flour and yeast. It is larger quanties but you can repackage and freeze. Yeast, unopened, can stay fresh for 2 years. You can also freeze yeast. Make sure whatever container you use it is very full with little headspace and airtight. I put mine in Ziploc bag that I roll very tight, then place in a vac pack bag to vac n seal.

    Another option to consider for flour is purchasing wheat berries to grind. Wheat berries have a very long shelf life when stored properly. The grind isn't as fine as commercial, but it makes for beautiful and delicious bread.


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