Sunday, April 19, 2020


2nd Man baked a loaf of 7-grain bread yesterday afternoon while I was at the farm.

It will last us a few days.

This morning we had a simple but filling breakfast using very few pantry/fridge staples.  Toasted bread with butter and scrambled eggs with dried herbs.

Simple and filling is what we want during these times in quarantine.

Today is a stormy day.  We're under a tornado watch for most of the day, there have already been severe thunderstorm warnings we've had some hail too.

A good day to nap.


  1. We received just a light shower early this morning; just enough to get our decks and walkways wet. No hail. The sun came out early in afternoon so it's been a nice & slightly breezy for rest of the day.
    The way it sounds, the worse of the storms moved down your way.

    2nd Man; you sure do make some picture perfect homemade bread. Looks Delicious.
    Notice yesterday at the grocery store that the baking isle was getting pretty slim pick'ns.
    Mentioned to one lady in the baking isle, that with everyone baking; we will all have to go to the gym or go on a diet once this situation is over. Guess with everyone having to stay at home; they bake being there isn't much else for some people to do.
    For me; well it gives me an opportunity to get my craft room cleaned / straightened up and organized once again.
    Still have all my Easter decorations to pack up and put away yet but I'm really in no big hurry in doing so. I did get the items down and packed from my Easter cross that I had on it and boxed up. I just gotta get the 6ft. cross moved out in my she shed and store it away until Christmas and that will be out of my way for a few months anyway.

    Enjoy your evening; Stay safe.

  2. 2nd Man’s 7-grain bread looks absolutely beautiful – I can just imagine how wonderful it smelled and tasted.

    The thunderstorm that we had earlier was really intense so I was thankful that we did not get any hail or tornadoes with it. We got 1.5 inches of rain which is very welcome since it’s been pretty dry lately.

  3. That is some beautiful bread.
    We did not get the storms until this morning but it has been pretty consistent all day. If I am going to be locked down I would at least like sunny weather.

  4. I absolutely love scrambled eggs. The bread looks and sounds scrumptious.

  5. The bread looks scrumptious! We had the same exact weather here in Navasota.

  6. Beautiful loaf of bread for sure. Share the recipe perhaps?

  7. I'm new here, but second man surely needs to be promoted to first man for his cooking efforts. Beauty!


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