Saturday, April 11, 2020


We have literally NOT left the apartment since I got back last Sunday. So today will be nice to get out into the fresh air once again.

As I was typing this post, I realized that we didn't have a post last week to show what I got done at the farm last weekend.  It rained Saturday and so I had a shortened weekend on Sunday but got some veggies in the ground!  Today the plan is to get the rest of what we need and get them in the ground as well.  And depending on how wet the ground is, I'll probably have to mow as well.  

The good news is the weather is gorgeous today.  They said maybe rain but so far we don't see anything on the radar.

Zen Machine + Planting in soil = mental vacation


  1. Enjoy your day & Happy Planting
    We are to have chance of showers moving in sometime later in afternoon - early evening.
    We where able to get our yard mowed Thursday due to slight chance of rain / mist that came in later that afternoon. Always a good job done.
    I was able to get some petunias planted in pots yesterday.
    Have yourself a great day & an enjoyable evening.

  2. We have t delay yard work due to 1, an unplanned lawn treatment yesterday, and now, plowable snow predicted for Sunday. I know the snow will melt quickly and true spring will come, but I am so ready for it, especially being cooped at home.

  3. i just weeded for hours and didn't make a dent! have fun at the farm!

  4. It’s a very nice day to be at the Farm. Hope you get all of your garden planted. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so this will be perfect for your newly planted garden.

  5. We all need a mental vacation, even those of us who don't work! My garden may get large hail tonight, so I am a little nervous! Mostly, the days have been beautiful here. There was not a cloud in the skies.

  6. WE had hail this past week, and snow on the ground Thursday thru yesterday. Yesterday afternoon was fairly nice except for the standing water in the lawn and the bitter wind. But today is supposed to be 60 degrees and I have yard work to do and my last peas to seed. Its one of those gardening days where you don't really have to do these chores now but if you don't do them now they will just pile up on you when you would rather quit early and sit under a tree. So I have sticks to pick up and beds to weed and bulbs to plant.


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