Sunday, April 5, 2020


Well this was the post for yesterday morning but then it rained.  So today we are clear (and much cooler).  It's a bit foggy but that will burn off.  So we'll see how much I can get done today.

Today is the first day physically out of the apartment since Tuesday and it's the first time in the car since last weekend when I went to the farm.  

Yesterday a front moved through and we had steady rain which we needed but of course I couldn't go to the farm then.  I cut the grass shorter than usual last weekend so I'm hoping I won't have to mow today since it is probably too wet anyway.

The goal is to get the garden started.  It's a little later than usual but these are indeed unusual times.

This is the garden area a few weeks ago...

We're not sure we'll plant in all of them today but the big bed will have some tomatoes for sure, another one will have basil (we love basil) and maybe a couple other herbs and then some peppers in another and yellow squash in one.  Then we'll plan the others for next weekend.

I got the bags of soil last weekend so this weekend I just need to stop and pick up a few vegetable plants.  Then I can spend the day getting everything planted and the automated watering system set up.

Ah, remember the good old days of thinking about the promise of Spring without a pandemic raging across the world?  Those were the days!

What a world.
Stay safe.


  1. Have a great day planting your garden! It's a nice cool day for it. It’s not too late. Soon you’ll be enjoying your fresh vegetables and you won’t have to risk going to a grocery store to get them.
    We got 1.25 inches of rain – every growing thing is so happy now!

    Around here, it’s really difficult now to find potatoes and onions at the grocery store – people are buying them up as soon as they are put out. So, in addition to the seed potatoes I planted, when one of my bought potatoes develops eyes, I cut away the eye part and plant it, then eat the rest of the potato. I now have a good number coming up. For the onions, I save the root part, put it in water until it develops green shoots and more roots, then plant them. They also are doing well. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  2. i'm surprised you can still go to a nursery. ours are all closed and we are not allowed to leave the house except for emergencies. but then, we are in the east and it is raging here. stay safe and have fun at the farm!

  3. Was a beautiful Palm Sunday day to work outside.
    With none of the churches holding church services, it really seemed kinda weird in a way to be working outside instead of going to Palm Sunday worship services.

  4. I'm glad you can still get out to your farm. In the UK, the advice is not to go to holiday homes/second homes, and the Scottish Chief Medical Officer has been sacked because after broadcasting statements telling everyone to stay in their houses/gardens and only go out for getting food and medications, or helping vulnerable people, she was caught going to live in her second home a couple of times, going between Edinbourgh and her country home 40 miles away in Fife.


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