Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Every few days, we are going to post some food/meals we are eating.  Usually there will be no recipe, what we want to post is just a reminder that simple is good, simple is comfort and during these times, we can all use a little (or a lot) of that.

2nd Man makes a couple of loaves of bread once a week.  He usually looks up a recipe online to try something new.  This was a rustic white bread.  We're getting low on flour but have some on order, hopefully it will arrive before we run out.  

Anyway, we eat bread in all ways you can but what better way during these pandemic quarantine days than to have a good old fashioned grilled cheese.

I stocked us up on cheese before the quarantine because, well, CHEESE, ha.  We've always liked two kinds of cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, one of which should always be cheddar.  This time we used sharp cheddar and provolone.  I also found these grilled peppers (and some sundried tomatoes by the same brand that we'll save for another recipe).  People were buying other stuff and skipping these packages...big mistake on their part because these things are WONDERFUL!  

We layered it all up, bread, a slice of cheese, some grilled peppers, another slice of cheese, bread, spread some butter on both sides and grilled it on the stovetop in a skillet. 

So good and definitely comforting in these times of being stuck inside.

Quick and easy and doesn't use up many ingredients.  

Eat well and most of all, be safe!


  1. Leave off the grilled peppers & sundried tomatoes on mine.
    I like my grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches prepared in my waffle iron. Oh Yum.
    Any time is a good time for a grilled cheese sandwich no matter how a person prepares them.

  2. OMG that looks and sounds delicious. When this first started I saw people loading up on canned chili. ravioli and pasta sauce and leaving all these lovely things (though non-traditional) untouched. Like you, I just considered it their loss and my gain!

  3. I made chicken & 4-cheese mexican blend quesadillas for lunch!

  4. You forgot to spread on a layer of cream cheese on the inside of the bread. It really takes it up a notch.

  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches simply have to have creamy tomato bisque soup to go with ... I think it's a law! LOL Looks delicious!!

  6. i just made my husband grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  7. Ok, now I know what I'm having for supper! Yum, yours looks delicious!

  8. I love grilled cheese sandwiches - your version looks and sounds delicious :)

  9. Where do you order your bread flour from? The only place I could find any online was a company in Kentucky. The price was outrageous, but I ordered it anyway.

    1. Well we were lucky I stocked us up with about 20 lbs before the quarantine. But we were running low and so I ordered online from King Arthur Flour. Ordered 10 lbs each of AP and bread flour. It took about 2 1/2 weeks but they just shipped it the other day. We will get it in a couple of days.

    2. Thanks. Every time I check it is temporarily unavailable. I will keep trying!


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