Sunday, April 26, 2020


Went to the farm was a 'beat the rain' day.  I knew I had to mow since it's been a couple of weeks and in these quarantine days I am trying to limit how often I have to go out and/or to the store.

Here it was as it started getting darker and I still had a few stretches to go in the front yard.

A little faster than usual, probably because I was in a hurry to beat the rain coming in from the East.  Speaking of, I have some great cloud pictures and snagged a picture with lighting!  More on that in an upcoming post.  Overall, it was a good mowing day...kind of cool and low humidity.

I got it done and the skies cleared a bit but there was more coming so I called it a day for that kind of work.  I worked in the garden for a bit pulled some weeds, deep watered the fruit trees and the stuff on the porch and called it a day. 

On the way back, I stopped at a local grocery store near the farm to just pick up a few supplies.  It was a great trip.  They were out of the obvious things, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, flour, etc but they were fully stocked with just about everything else.  I wore my protection and replenished the items we were getting low on. I told 2nd Man that this might be where we go every couple of weeks to top off supplies.

Hope you are staying safe and having a good weekend...


  1. same old same old up here. no paper products at the market, but everything else in good supply. waiting for 5/8/20 for the restrictions to be lifted. still working from home. pet hobart for me.

  2. I never leave home. I never do anything that I'm supposed to be doing either!

  3. Dang 1st man; you need to be careful mowing when the skies look like that. Lightening can strike at any time, any where. Sure don't need to be on the mower when the storm clouds are moving in.
    The yard does look nice. Nice area to set up and play a game of croquet

  4. Your big yard always looks so pretty with the varying shades of green in the grass and trees, the blue sky, and your red barns.
    That sure was a menacing sky with those dark clouds. I was hoping to get some rain from that storm but got nothing.
    That’s a good idea to shop in the smaller store. It’s a lot less crowded than HEB now.

  5. Tuesday; We are in for some serious, severe storms for this evening.
    We had heavy rain, small hail stones here along with some wind early this morning.
    Right now, sun is shining and hubby is getting the yard mowed before the next round of storms move in; sometime around 9PM which is heading to the south east so from the way it looks; it's heading down Houston way

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