Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Remember when I bought a nice big fig tree and then broke off the top by accident?

Here it is a couple months ago after I put it in some water to root.

...and here it is the other day when I potted it up in some soil.  Maybe by Summer we'll have a decent little tree to plant.  Of course it will be upgraded to a bigger clay pot soon, we just figured we better get it in some dirt now so that it starts doing more.

The tree that it broke off of is getting bigger and has also fully leafed out and it will go in the ground as soon as we figure out the right place for it.

We know they can get big but they do well even in our soil here so we can put it just about anywhere.  We'd like to keep most of the edible trees in the same area so we can easily water them and take care of them.  

Because at $7 for a dozen small figs, we're gonna need actively producing trees...even if 2nd Man is not the greatest fig fan in the world.


  1. Fresh Figs have a great taste, wonderful to eat. Packaged figs are too sweet and cloying. Roderick

  2. Amazing growth! I love your city view from the balcony. We are thinking of trying our hand at sprouting some fruit seeds for future trees.

  3. Thankfully, for a few years I had figs from the trees of my friend. One time, when I was there they picked a gallon for me. I ate a quart on the drive back from the country. I have never been so stuffed in my life. Their tree finally died or something. I love figs.

  4. WOW! That is amazing that it grew that fast within a couple of months
    You differently have a green thumb; make that 2 green thumbs. One thing about it, you know it works starting a tree from a cutting. Great job.
    You may be able to take other cuttings later on and start up more fig trees and next thing you know, you just may end up with a Fig tree forest.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Two for the price of one! Your little fig tree is so pretty and growing well. The leaves make it look like an expensive house plant. Is it a Brown Turkey variety? They taste delicious and can be easily preserved or dried.

  6. You would think for the price, they could actually give you a full pound [16 oz.] rather then the 12 oz. It's hard to find ANYONE who actually provides a full pound of anything anymore! Oh, you can get a full pound of BS at just about any place these days! LOL

  7. Nothing to do with your Fig tree; but yesterday I mixed up some sugar water and spotted our 1st hummingbird this morning. All my hummingbird feeders where all washed & cleaned good so that they where all ready to use when the time came.
    Last year I had spotted our first hummer right around this time last year.
    Love seeing that they come back year to year. They are such a job to watch.

  8. How does a quarantines person (me) find out if a fig tree likes the soil where we live ... very dry unless irrigated and full of Caliche ... hard clay almost like rock. I'd love to try a fig or two ... what else would I need to know? I think we could get a cutting from someone around here ... and we both love fresh figs... as do the bees!!


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