Saturday, April 4, 2020


Well if you saw the post this morning, it said I was on the way to the farm to start planting stuff in the garden...

...but alas, the weather did not cooperate.  A HUGE line of storms is moving in from the West and as I post this, it's already pouring here in Houston.

SO today is a washout.  We'll stay in and remain in quarantine/lockdown and try again tomorrow.

On the plus side, I made sure when we were stocking up that we had plenty of flour and butter and milk...and several packages of breakfast sausage.

A nice hot pan of flaky biscuits...

...and some sausage gravy on top.

Eating in the time of the pandemic can be good, ha!

Stay safe!


  1. You're getting the pouring down rain we had yesterday.
    Just having a light rain at the moment but it's still cold out. It's 45 deg. right now.
    Had to turn the furnace on to take the chill off.
    Them biscuits & gravy sure does look Yummy even tho we just finished lunch.
    Biscuits & gravy are good any time of the day.
    Enjoy your evening. Pop some popcorn and have a nice glass of wine.

  2. I gave you and second man a birthday shout-out on my blog today; hope you two celebrated well!

    today was indian food for lunch/dinner. yesterday was broasted chicken from a local mom-n-pop shop; check out the link ( in between making our own meals, we are trying to support our local restaurants.

    spouse went to our grocery store this morning; NO paper products, but everything else was well stocked.

    stay safe, keep clam, carry on, pet hobart for me.

    1. Keeping clam, as in closed tight like a clam, is good advise as well.


  3. It’s been lightly raining here all day also. My garden loves it. Sorry you didn’t get to go out to the Farm to plant yours. Tomorrow looks like it will be fine – up to 75 tomorrow.
    But it sure is chilly right now. I made some Turkey Rice Soup – really tasty and warming on a day like today.
    Your biscuits look wonderful – so flaky and high with lots of layers! And then sausage gravy over them – mmm!

  4. Sausage gravy and biscuits is my Sunday morning staple here.

  5. Now, I want gravy and biscuit instead of my usual banana and milk for breakfast!


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