Monday, February 6, 2023


 A very sweet friend sent a text a few weeks ago and told us she had entered a drawing for free trees that were being given away as part of an Arbor Day project.  You had to sign up to get on the list and there was a drawing to see who would get some. She rents and is unable to plant any trees so she asked if we wanted them if she won.  Of course we said yes.

Then a week ago, she let me know she got two in the drawing and they were delivered.

Two red maple trees!  They are in 7 gallon containers and probably 8 to 10 feet tall already.  I went by her house and picked them up...

...and took them to the farm. they are in their future home at the farm (albeit temporary until planted).

This is what they will look like when mature.  These are the Drummond Red Maple varieties, suited to our climate and soil types and are fast growing, reaching a height of 40 feet.  Not sure we'll be around then to see them THAT tall, LOL, but we'll definitely have to find just the right spot for them, away from future house plans and away from the power lines.  It will be a welcome change to our normal landscape view of mesquite and hackberry trees...


  1. They are such pretty trees. Planted on each side of your driveway but yet far enough back from the edge of your drive would be nice. You will just have to decide how wide your driveway is going to be and if you're going to have a rock driveway, blacktopped or paved.
    Place them; while they are still in the pots in different parts of your yard to see where they would look the best; just not close to any buildings, your orchard, or power lines.
    You even might consider to mark the area on where your house, septic system, storm shelter (if you're going to have 1 put in) may sit and go from there, leaving plenty of room for the trucks etc. to get around while building your new house.

    1. Maybe you could plant them in a bit larger container ( roughly a size larger that they are in now) and plant them in an area after your house is built and all work is completed on the property. In meantime you can look around your property to find just the right place that you would like to have the trees planted in the ground.
      An easy way to move large items in big, heavy containers is by using a 2 wheeler; same type of wheeler that they use to move a refrigerator, stove, etc.

  2. Another consideration but one you cannot do anything about! We lived in Waco for 10 hot years and had a red maple in the back yard. It grew and was beautiful BUT it didn't change to it's " autumn color until December. Really.

  3. what a wonderful gift! they will grown before you know it. i planted too many and sadly had to remove some.

  4. If I had planted a pecan tree when I first thought of it, I would have a forty-five-year-old pecan tree now.

  5. What a sweet thing to do! Those red maples are going to be beauties at your Farm.

  6. Such beautiful trees and what a terrific gift ... in fact, 2 gifts! Pick just the right spots to plant them and where they will live out their lives and you two can enjoy them!

  7. Have you joined the Arbor Day Foundation? They often offer trees for your donations. When we lived at the lodge I got crepe myrtle trees that way that did fine. Also hazelnut trees that produced nuts, and other trees to plant.

  8. I adore maple trees! Those are going to be absolutely gorgeous! What a great freebie!


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