Thursday, February 2, 2023


Yesterday we posted HERE just the simple two ingredient version of this dip.

The other versions have meat to make them more substantial.  Here is how we make another version.

A can of Rotel, a 16 oz block of melting cheese like Velveeta, and a pound of ground meat.  You can use beef or breakfast sausage, but in ours, we like to use Italian sausage because it adds a great flavor.

Brown and cook the sausage in a pan or skillet, we use the same one we'll make the dip in.  With ground sausage, there isn't as much fat as ground beef, but feel free to drain if it needs it.

I add a few slices of cheese (we almost always have some on hand) in this case, Swiss, Gouda and Provolone to give it some extra flavor and texture.

Add the undrained can of Rotel, the Velveeta, the sliced cheese and a few diced jalapeños.

Stir over low heat, the sausage is already hot and will help melt everything.  Just don't get it too high so the cheese doesn't stick/burn.  Again, this can be done in a crockpot on low heat to keep its consistency for a party or large gathering.

In just a few minutes, it's melted and it all comes together nicely.

Here it is dished up.  SO good this way.  Of course just double up or triple up anything for larger batches.

As others mentioned in comments yesterday (and probably today) you can add anything to it to make it something you enjoy.  A can of chili, seasonings such as cumin, beans, pasta, cream cheese, hot sauce, cream of mushroom soup or whatever you like.

We've been known to just eat this for lunch/dinner.


  1. This dip and chips with a cold beer or a fine wine makes for a great evening snack for watching Nascar, football or whatever.

  2. Try the Mexican Velveeta Cheese.
    I have, but was gone before I had a chance to try it.

  3. We call it Super Bowl dip because it is the only time we have it.

  4. This is one of my favorite dips. It’s so versatile. You can leave it plain or dress it up and it’s always so good. I like your suggestions for additional ingredients.

  5. Kinda changing the subject here, but just have to tell you about our next door neighbors. They are the best neighbors.
    They came over yesterday; early evening to check on me and my husband to see if we where ok here being we have been iced in all week and they even brought over a Little Caesars pizza for us.
    Been in Hibernation all week. Hubby hasn't been able to get to work all week because of the icy country roads.


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