Friday, February 3, 2023


 Wow, we have been SO lucky in our part of the state.  As many of you have probably seen on the news, Texas has been in the midst of an icy grip that is causing chaos in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and cities all around and in between.

This is from Wednesday and you can see how close the line came to the Houston metro area and the farm.  We got lucky.  No freeze, no sleet and no ice.  Thankfully, that means no power issues for us.  But as of last night, there were still almost half a million people around the state without power.

For us it's been that wet, rainy, damp cold.  It just goes right through you.  The same way humidity in the Summer makes the heat horrendous, it makes the cold just bone chilling.

For us, the good news is we are on a warming trend.  Back to the 70's by next week and long range forecasts for US seem to indicate our freezes may be over...but for the people up North and East...

...looks like Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and there are six more weeks of Winter.  Good news though, apparently he's only been accurate about 40% of the time over the years.  But it's still a fun tradition. 

Stay warm and safe!


  1. That yellow thing up in the sky of which we hadn't seen for a few days is finally out and thawing the ice. Thank goodness. Our whole yard, steps and walkway has been nothing but solid ice but have been putting on ice melt (called Safe Paws) on our back steps to keep from falling when going out the door.
    Sure is nice seeing the ice beginning to melt.
    Right now we are at 36 deg.
    Still so many accidents happening on the interstate and main roads since early this morning. What thawed yesterday refroze over during the night and many people are hitting that black ice which is causing pile ups.

  2. We are sitting at 42 degrees right now, the first over the 20's in a week, and are looking at 70's by Sunday. Oh, and Phil's ex-wife, Phillis, is retired in Florida and says that Phil lies through his tooth.

  3. We were so fortunate that the icy, freezing weather missed us. That kind of weather causes so many problems and is totally miserable. The damp, bone-chilling temps we had were bad enough.
    The sun came out today and it’s glorious after so many cloudy, dreary days!
    Groundhog Phil – who cares what a Punxsutawney Rodent thinks?! I’ll go with whatever Texas animal was brave enough to go outside in the cold weather we’ve had – no way anything saw their shadow in our CLOUDY weather!
    Come on 70’s!!

  4. We have been nowhere near freezing, just damp, cold and drizzly, no sun. Today the sun is blazing and the chill damp is gone.

  5. It is currently 61° up here in S. Colorado.
    The Groundhog ... hmph! Winter will last as long as necessary and Spring will pop out right on schedule! Yes, I am a non-believer when it comes to Phil.

  6. I’m glad we didn’t have to deal with that! Just finished rebuild from ‘22 freeze and busted pipes! Deb


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