Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Before we get too far away from Christmas (OK it's already a bit far, ha) we wanted to share this because it's just too fun.  We received this as a gift at Christmas from a very sweet friend.

It's Bill the Farm Truck represented in candle lantern form!  We love it.  It's made of metal and the candle lantern is actually an LED candle.  It's so neat, we were actually thinking we could remove the berries and greenery after the holidays and use it in the house year round as a cute decorative item!

See?  Spitting image!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  1. Big Ben & Little Ben.
    Remove decorative Christmas item and can add a potted plant; Spring, Summer, Fall and winter, and everything in between. Can decorate for each of the holidays; Valentines will soon be here, decorate for Easter, etc.
    Use bed of truck and fill with candy, lemons, small oranges (Cutie pie oranges) etc.
    Many possibilities you can do to make it a decorative piece for year round.

  2. I love LED candles! Just add other fake plants and you have a cute year-round truck. I like that it is metal.

  3. The perfect gift for year round Farm dΓ©cor. With the berry ring removed after Christmas, you could easily add other seasonal items. And it would be so handy to have a ready light source when the power goes out.


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