Saturday, February 18, 2023


Today, as this posts, we are driving up North of Houston to visit a modular home dealer and look at some options from floorpans we saw.  Like everything these days, you read information online and can decide to never do anything if there are some bad reviews.  We saw a few bad ones but we have to go see in person and talk.  You never know, there can be issues with just about anything.

But it will be a fun adventure to get out of town for the day.  We'll eat BBQ somewhere along the way and then head back into Houston when we're done.

It's still so wet at the farm from the rain and with our cold weather, the grass still isn't growing much. 

Side note, we saw this on the news the other night and thought it would be interesting to share:

This was last week, on Wednesday, 2 years ago we were at 25 degrees, this year we were at 78 degrees.  That's what makes planting down here so crazy, we never know what the weather is going to be.

Today it's 39.  Go figure.

More update later or tomorrow of course for Good Food and Hobart Sunday.  Also Daytona 500 day!


  1. I absolutely Hate the popcorn ceilings in a mobile home or stick home
    You get a crack in the ceiling, it makes a Big mess when it comes time to repair the crack.
    Best of luck and have an enjoyable day.

  2. I think the turtle from the posting on the 16th was probably on his way to Daytona.

  3. Last week, from one day to the next was a 35F degree difference! It was a real shock to the system. IN* ONE*DAY! A modular home is still a manufactured home, about the same as a mobile home or trailer. Stick built is sturdiest. Blogger at Clamco had a roof reinforcement to withstand winds. That is interesting. You don't have to get popcorn ceilings in any home you decide to build.

  4. I hope you had a good day with your house planning. Of course, any day with BBQ is a good day.
    It was so nice to have some warmer weather today – it was 63 here. I spent some time in the garden and just enjoyed being outside after being cooped up by the cold.


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