Sunday, February 5, 2023


After a rainy (VERY rainy) and cold week, the sun has returned and it's trying to dry out.  Another week has flown by and here we are.

Time for some good food and some Hobart.

Pork chops and veggies on the side.  One of our favorite meals.  On this one we used some Middle East spices to give it a twist.  Drizzled some lemon over the asparagus and it was delicious.

Here's a fun set of pictures of Hobart:

He was snuggled up in his blanket, staring at me and I thought it would be a great picture.  I always tend to take a few because he moves around and this time he looked at me and...


I guess I was boring him with my antics.  So I stopped bothering him and let him sleep.  Because...



  1. I use to yawn in front of my lynx point Siamese, Sudy, and he would almost immediately yawn back at me! He was such a beautiful cat and friends always called him my "familiar" ... well, we did have a great connection! 🐭

  2. Can't remember the last time when I had pork chops. Other than your pork chops I fixed almost the same meal for us on Friday; bacon wrapped asparagus, oven roasted potatoes and hamburger steaks with sliced up onion & brown gravy.
    For my asparagus I cut off the woody ends, wrapped in bundles of 3, wrapped with a slice of bacon and then made a sauce of melted butter, brown sugar, a shake of garlic powder a dash of black pepper, a bit of pure maple syrup of could use honey and drizzled over the asparagus and baked in oven on foil lined baking sheet.
    Great photos of Hobart. Looks like he's about ready to do a shark attack. :}
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.

    1. Great photo of Hobart on his imitation of Jaws :-}

  3. After a make-do dinner, that looks especially delicious. Hobart looks great in red.

  4. Another delicious meal! You guys sure know how to eat good!
    Hobart looks so ferocious in the last picture! I’ve always thought that cats can look so docile and then they yawn and turn into little lions for those few seconds.

    It was such a beautiful day today. So very welcome after the rainy, dreary, cold weather we’ve had. I spent all afternoon in my garden. Pulled grass, transplanted some volunteer lettuce, planted potatoes that had sprouted, and dug up some canna lilies that had traveled too far and gave them to my neighbor. Just enjoyed the warm sun and the birdsongs.

  5. I’m not in a position to have a cat now, but have had one most of my life. I really enjoy seeing Hobart-he’s so beautiful! But maybe the best part is seeing how well taken care of he is. I can tell he brings you joy!


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