Thursday, February 16, 2023


Was checking the fruit trees and area when we saw this little guy or gal headed through.

We think it's a Texas box turtle.

It was in a hurry (well, as much of a hurry as a turtle can muster, ha!).  I started to pick it up and help it on over to the shady area where it was headed, but I didn't want to do anything to stress it. 

I thought that it had an interesting looking face from this angle but wait until you see it from the front:

Look at this face!

I zoomed in on a closeup photo I took.  The markings make it look like it has an open, gaping mouth with fire inside and teeth, ha!  

We took a page from the Godzilla movies and named it Gamera! 😄


  1. The teeth thing was my first thought. I never help a turtle unless I help it across the road with a stick. We have so many snapping ones here and I do not know the difference. The snapping ones really can bite.

  2. That may be a 3-toed Box turtle.
    They like to hide in tall grasses for shade.
    We have had a snapping turtle before in our yard while mowing. Where it came from, have no idea.
    Sitting at 40 deg. right now and temperature will drop in the 30's to upper 20's by this evening.

  3. I'd just leave the turtle to it's own devices ... it probably had a final destination in mind and was heading that way! LOL
    It is still too cold up here in S. CO, lots of snow on the ground, but the sun is out ... so the snow won't last long! We will be slowy warming up ... thank goodness!

  4. That is one creepy looking turtle.

  5. I suppose I have never looked a turtle in the eye before. The scary effect must be good protection.

  6. i just love turtles.

  7. I love turtles! The one at your Farm is a beauty.
    His mouth does kind of look ferocious – I wonder if it’s some kind of natural defense feature.
    Stay warm on this return of winter. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup this afternoon. It really took the chill out of the house and me.


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