Friday, February 10, 2023


We love these sheets and with our deep freeze at the first of the year, it was time to break them out.

We bought these 'velvetsoft sheets' a few weeks before the freeze in anticipation of cold weather and boy, do they ever feel great.  We put them on the day the temperature dropped (67 at noon, 18 by 11pm).  They have been so good to have.  Soft, warm and cozy.  The odd but pleasant thing about them is that we slept very still, not moving around much at night. 

Hobart loves them as well.

We have talked about what sheets we want to have at the farm for cold weather and this was one kind.  We are also considering a set of flannel sheets, we've heard those are really nice.

We also have a king size electric blanket.  We used that at the house in town before we sold it and it was wonderful on those really cold nights.

Regular readers will also know that we have a LOT of quilts from various relatives.

Side note, I remember in the 1970's, my parents were into the satin sheets phase of decorating, ha. 

This is NOT now, ha.  Though we are getting down to low 30's tonight and tomorrow.  But the graphic above we saw on the news at the time of our big freeze and forgot to share.  From one Friday to the next, the temperatures were 15 degrees and 77 degrees.  Indeed earlier this week it was 70's and tonight it's going to be low 30's.  That's why here in this part of the country, we need to be prepared for hot/warm/cool/cold that could happen anytime.  Amazing.

So what kind of sheets do you all like?  Any particular brand/style you like most?


  1. With velvet soft sheets; a person wouldn't want to get out of bed in the morning.
    We use flannel sheets along with an electric blanket when it's really, really cold & have our heavy comforter on top. I gotta to have an electric blanket just to warm up my feet. Can't stand to wear socks to bed.
    In mid 40's for a high today with 20% of showers and down in low 30's again tonight. Sounds like soup weather once again.
    Stay warm, stay safe and have a wonderful evening.

  2. I don't like flannel sheets. I get stuck to them and can't get up easily. 100% cotton, highest thread count I can afford is my go to

  3. Our weather is all over the place too. The sheets look really nice. I don't know if I'd want to get out of bed. I may have to find a set. We have flannel sheets for the winter.

  4. Flannel all the way. They keep you toasty in winter but are heavy enough that, in the summer, you can just use the flannel and dump whatever other blankets or bedspreads you have and sleep comfortably. Also, you don't get that first "holy crap it's cold" shock when you first get into bed. They might be a tad chilly but not in the same way as regular cotton sheets.

  5. I do like something with a bit of weight to it on top of me. We have quilts here, different ones for summer or winter, but I run much hotter than my wife and often end up sleeping without.

  6. i love flannel sheets but my new thing is weighted blankets. i hardly move when i sleep and they are great for a non-mover! we haven't had winter yet and it looks like we aren't getting it this year. what a bummer. it was 70 degrees yesterday. unreal.

  7. I used flannel sheets for a few years. They were warm, but when the air got dry they made a lot of static electricity. Everything stuck to them and moving around made snaps & sparks. Fun to watch, but not great when you get a big zap.

  8. We're in Virginia and have flannel sheets for winter (no need this year so far), jersey sheets for early spring and late autumn, and 100% high thread count cotton sheets for hot weather. For winter e also have a mattress warmer (dual control) that we find better than an electric blanket - especially if you have pets that sleep with you.

  9. Egyptian cotton if I can afford it, otherwise, a high thread count cotton.

  10. Those velvet-soft sheets look sooo cozy. You even have your pillows covered with it. With the electric blanket on, it would make such a warm, snuggly nest – perfect for this cold weather.
    I don’t have warmer sheets yet but my electric blanket and a couple of cats cuddled against me keep me pretty warm. But now I want sheets like you have.
    What a difference a day makes! I was in shorts and flip-flops yesterday and today it’s long fleece and UGG boots. But at least we won’t have a freeze.

  11. Those sheets look like fleece which makes me so hot as it seems to stick to me. I use Laura Ashley sheets and love them. I got a Queen set for $42 frm Amazon instead of paying $150 like they are elsewhere. They are so soft and cuddly and I don't freeze upon getting in bed. In the summer I use the flannel sheets and a wool blanket from Marine corp. It says so on the sheet. I need the ac high so I can breathe cool air, so I do not get hot under flannel and wool.
    Flannel sheets are so cuddly. The Laura Ashley does not pill or shed.

  12. Talking about bedding here; I was wondering if anyone has tried those Weighted Blankets; Not so much for warmth but for comfort

  13. We snuggle under Polartec fleece sheets with a heated mattress pad and down comforter on top. Our bedroom is not heated so this is the perfect solution.

  14. Interesting all the comments about various options. I hate weight on top of me to sleep ... but we open windows at night to keep the room cool (this time of year) so need something ... finally have landed on an electric blanket (though they are heavier than I'd like ... they used to be lighter I think) and one '70s synthetic waffle weave blanket... very light weight but holds heat ... and a coverlet sort of like a rumpled sheet ... they use them in hotels a lot now ... doesn't show the wrinkles ... but light.


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