Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Recently, I mentioned to someone that we made some Rotel dip and they said they hadn't heard of it.  It's actually a classic and popular recipe (if you can even call it a recipe, ha).  Rotel dip in its most basic form is made with two simple ingredients.

I made some for us to snack on during New Year's Eve.  For this batch, I made it without meat since we were having dinner later and didn't want it to be too heavy.  The base is just 16 oz of melting cheese, traditionally "Velveeta" and of course the namesake, one can of "Rotel tomatoes".  When I was at the grocery store, they had a sale on their brands (buy one get one free) so I got them both.

Of course, this dip is almost always associated with being made in a crockpot (on low setting).  It's a good way for the low heat to help keep its consistency while enjoying it a large gathering or party.

For stove top, cube the cheese (it melts easier) and drop it into a pan.  Pour in a can of Rotel tomatoes.  Do not drain, the liquid is what gives the cheese just the right consistency.  It melts quickly over medium low heat.  Don't let it get too hot or the cheese will burn on the bottom.  Our pan is non-stick so that helps. 

Just stir constantly over medium low heat and it will melt quickly.  It's done and ready to serve.

Here it is as we had it...just plain with the two ingredients.  Serve with chips and you're good to go.

Tomorrow, we will post the modified and meatier version that we also make, ha!


  1. Mighty good stuff, but I normally go a step further by adding 1 small can of Wolf or Hormel chili brand without the beans,(you can use chili with beans) or at times I will brown some Italian sausage, drained really well to the cheese and mild Ro-Tel mixture along with a small splash of hot sauce and use the tortilla scoop chips. At times I will use cream cheese in place of the Velvetta.

    People make this dip in different ways so make it the way you like it.
    If you don't want to use Ro-Tel use spicy or mild salsa

  2. Our house preference is to add a can of black beans.

  3. We love this with cooked macaroni and hamburger.

  4. Our recipe calls for cumin and we make it in the microwave.

  5. I don't eat Rotel any way it is fixed. But, I will make it sometime. Today, at Piggly Wiggly we got a can of Rotel free with a $10 purchase. I always get the free item if we are spending $10 and give it away if it is something we won't eat. I have made it with Velveeta. Non-stick pans will burn things. Ask me how I know.


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